As businesses consolidate their IT services, a hybrid data center solution can reduce IT costs, improve operational efficiency and utilize technologies that are changing the way we manage applications and improve scalability.

When you move your infrastructure to a Hybrid data center, you can experience improvements to your computing environment. This type of data center will reduce CAPEX costs and maximize productivity.


In this type of hybrid cloud or hybrid colocation facility, you can:

  • Shape application traffic and maximize bandwidth utilizationHybrid Data Center Solutions
  • Provision colocation services, private and public cloud access from one location and have one invoice for multiple infrastructure environments
  • Combine CAPEX and OPEX expenses in a hybrid data center for managing infrastructure budgets
  • Increase scalability by using cloud services as your business expanse while saving operational costs
  • Simplify managing multiple computing environments in to one location
  • Reduce cost as you transition your environment to more of a cloud computing environment
  • Transition compute workloads from your servers to cloud environments reducing IT costs and network changes
  • Deploy disaster recovery options at different off-site locations to meet your Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Object for business continuity planning

The Hybrid Data Centers team of experts, can review your current data center configuration and make recommendations to plan for the future availability of private and public cloud integration. Contact us today.

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